Friday, June 11, 2010

new projects

So, although I have been practicing my mad photog skills...there havent been many events to post so the hubby had an idea for me to sell jewelry. I love jewelry so the only problem is everything I see I want for me but I have to remember that I am buying to sell, not keep! The jewelry has been going better than expected, praise the Lord! I am hosting my first party next week and praying for success! Here are a few samples of what I have in my random collection...

There is so much stuff! I have all types of random costume jewelry and a few pieces of sterling silver as well, although, costs of silver keep that collection very limited.

Updates on my party to come later...

I also have been in a crafty mood. I had a few ideas from blogs I have read about a hurricane made from dollar tree vases and candle stick holders. You can view the full blog from decorchick here

Here is my version, I have two more in the works that are shorter but im still trying to decide where to display this one.
BTW...this picture was inspired by Damaris Mia, a great photographer and wonderful Christian lady. Check out her blog here

Here is one of the whole thing.

I also found this little shelf at the Goodwill Outlet, covered in nasty dust. I cleaned it up and sanded it down just a little. I hope to get this painted tonight to look kind of like this one.
I want to use it in my bathroom for all my body spray and hair product..."after" pictures to come shortly.

And this is just a pretty little hydrangea from my front yard in this cute little tin I found at...the Goodwill Outlet!

:) Jessica

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