Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A few more

Here are a few more shots from the engagement session with Erick & Erin! I had a great time with them and I cant wait to do the rest of their shoots!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Erick, Erin & Bella

Yesterday I had an engagement session with my cousin Erick and his fiance Erin :) O and I cant forget the Lovely Bella! This was my first engagement session and I was so excited! It was raining on my way to Kernersville but luckily, the rain held off (even though the heat did not!) But Erick, Erin and Bella were good sports even with the crazy hot weather! Here is a sneak peek of the session. More to follow soon :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Myrtle Beach Weekend

Last week I took Bubba to the airport on Wednesday. He had to go to CA for the Cup race. It was So hard to leave him! I missed him the second I left. I worked on Wednesday then set-up for my jewelry party. Thursday I worked all day then headed home for my party. I had about 10 people stop by, not bad but I was hoping for a few more but thankful for those who did come. Friday morning I headed to the beach with mom and dad. Dad went to the track for practice and mom and I went shopping.There werent many good deals but Mom got me a Coach purse, it was only $80! Ok so thats way to much for a purse BUT, thats way cheap for a Coach :) I found a shirt at American Eagle but that was about it. Friday night we went to Rossi's to eat with the team. we got there at 7:30pm and was there for almost 3 hours. I had lobster! YUMMY :)

Saturday morning Mom and I went to look at houses. We found a couple we liked so Im praying the decide to get one! We ate Japanese for lunch then I headed to the track for Practice around 2. I shot about 750 pictures throughout the day. Garrett Campbell got the pole and Michael Rouse won the race. 8 uara races, 8 winners! The racing was pretty good and clean, very competitive. Back to the hotel after the race....

Fathers Day!
We had breakfast at the hotel then looked at a couple more houses. We headed to the Board walk and played the quarter machines, LOVE that game because you actually win quarters :)
We headed to Georgetown, SC and walked around. Cute town, but very stinky on the out skirts (paper mill right down the road)
Headed on our way back home. We stopped to eat at Fatz for Fathers Day then to Mawmaw and Pawpaws for a little while. Finally made it home about 9.

Bubba called at 630 Monday morning to let me know he was in Atlanta, got up and ready then fed Eyeda and picked up a Frappe from McD's and headed to the airport to pick up my hubby. I was SOOOO ready to see him, I missed him like crazy!!! His flight was in about 9:15am. We came home and Bubba napped while I worked on bills. Lunch with him at Cagneys then to work, CV back home Fuji's and Walmart then Secret Life!

I had a great weekend but really missed Bubba, Im so glad he is finally home!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A few new

Here are a few new pictures. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, June 11, 2010

new projects

So, although I have been practicing my mad photog skills...there havent been many events to post so the hubby had an idea for me to sell jewelry. I love jewelry so the only problem is everything I see I want for me but I have to remember that I am buying to sell, not keep! The jewelry has been going better than expected, praise the Lord! I am hosting my first party next week and praying for success! Here are a few samples of what I have in my random collection...

There is so much stuff! I have all types of random costume jewelry and a few pieces of sterling silver as well, although, costs of silver keep that collection very limited.

Updates on my party to come later...

I also have been in a crafty mood. I had a few ideas from blogs I have read about a hurricane made from dollar tree vases and candle stick holders. You can view the full blog from decorchick here

Here is my version, I have two more in the works that are shorter but im still trying to decide where to display this one.
BTW...this picture was inspired by Damaris Mia, a great photographer and wonderful Christian lady. Check out her blog here

Here is one of the whole thing.

I also found this little shelf at the Goodwill Outlet, covered in nasty dust. I cleaned it up and sanded it down just a little. I hope to get this painted tonight to look kind of like this one.
I want to use it in my bathroom for all my body spray and hair product..."after" pictures to come shortly.

And this is just a pretty little hydrangea from my front yard in this cute little tin I found at...the Goodwill Outlet!

:) Jessica